POWER UP Fitness

Digital Product Design featuring Connected Spaces/Internet of Things + Augmented Reality

With POWER UP, gymgoers can surpass their strength goals by seamlessly tracking their reps, weight, speed and power automatically. Users can view Augmented Reality Form demos of their favorite lifts in real time, so they can perfect their technique. They can compete against themselves or other POWER UP gyms around the country, seamlessly, just by starting up the app and training in POWER UP gear at POWER UP-equipped gyms. POWER UP helps athletes put the work in to lifting, and not into charting their progress.

Onboarding Flow

Repeated user testing revealed many findings including the importance of incorporating a clear onboarding of the concept into the product design. The sign in frame also features a number of UX best practices including allowing users to see their password, recover their password, or sign up. Users would also be able to use Touch ID to log in.

Tracking Flow

Gymgoers can walk into the fitness stations or weight machines of choice, and with one click, record their weights, reps, rest times, sets and entire workouts without a pen or pad. This helps athletes track their progress and make gains accurately and intelligently, all without hassle -- a big boon to workout motivation. POWER UP captures workout details by equipping the weight plates, workout stations, and the weightlifter's wrists and ankles with small sensors which provides all of the necessary data to determine which exercises are being executed, rest times, and total weight lifted. When users surpass previously-held personal records, they are rewarded with positive encouragement and can amplify their success via social sharing, which research has shown to hold athletes accountable and keep them motivated. Users can also see the total weight lifted per exercise or for the entire workout.

Augmented Reality Form Demo Flow

Research has proven that many people don't use certain weight machines, attempt certain exercises, or get injured while lifting weights because they are unaware of how to execute with correct form. Many users also report success using personal trainers to help them exercise correctly, including guiding their pace. Using augmented reality, gymgoers can hold their mobile phone up to their fitness station of choice, and watch 360° demonstrations of various exercises within POWER UP gyms. Outside of POWER UP gyms, users can select their exercise and still see the AR demo.

Training & Data Log Flow

Gymgoers get a detailed view of their workout data including which days of the month they've worked out, the number of workouts completed per week, intensity and volume, and 1 Rep Maxes (1RMs) for the StrongLifts over the month. Users can also chart their progress by seeing their previous workout performances of completed exercises, as well as prior personal records (PRs) set.

Individual and Gym Leaderboard Flows

To inspire competitive spirit, the individual and gym leaderboards provide the total weight lifted due to the data garned from the sensor-equipped weights and gymgoers within each location. This enables individuals to challenge themselves against other athletes from other POWER UP gyms around the country. But for those more motivated by team work, the leaderboard also provides gym vs. gym weight totals. This tech allows for WODs (Workouts Of the Day) as well as other types of competitions and promotional events for Crossfitters and Powerlifters alike. Users can view performances from the current day, month or year.

Full Design Process Review Presentation (Slideshow)

Take a look at the steps involved in the design process for creating this concept including the creation of a project charter, affinity mapping, desk research, observational research, synthesis, interviews, team sketch sessions, hypothesis creation, polarizing prototypes, additional sketches, low-fidelity, med-fi, and hi-fi prototypes, user testing, branding, and more. Or even consider contacting me for an interview so I can show you the interactive InVision prototype which will help illustrate the high discoverability of the POWER UP Fitness app's design.